First year: M1 "APPLIED MECHANICS"                              

Course description


Course description
  • First semester
  • English or French
  • Mechanics of continuum media
  • Fluid mechanics I
  • Experimental techniques and methods (I)
  • Numerical methods in fluid mechanics (I)
  • Image and signal processing
  • Convection in industrial and geophysical flows
  • Research project

  • Second semester
  • English or French
  • Experimental techniques and methods (II)
  • Numerical methods in fluid mechanics (II)
  • Introduction to instability and turbulence
  • Waves in fluids
  • Introduction to Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Environmental flows
  • Research project (cont'd)
  • First semester
  • Lectures
  • Turbulence in fluids (mandatory)
  • Atmospheric boundary layer I: fundamentals
  • Atmospheric boundary layer II: mountain meteorology and air quality
  • Buoyancy driven flows and mixing
  • Exchange across air-water interfaces
  • Ocean dynamics
  • Renewable wind and marine energy
  • Sediment transport
  • Waves in fluids and applications
  • Tools and methods
  • French or English (mandatory)
  • Data assimilation
  • Flow measurement science and technology
  • Numerical techniques and models
  • Signal and information processing in fluid mechanics

  • Second semester
  • Five-month research internship in a laboratory or in the R&D department of a company
Chantal STAQUET (Director)
Jean-Martial COHARD (Co-director)
Master's committee
Emmanuel COSME - Hubert GALLEE - David HURTHER - Joel SOMMERIA
Master's Program in
Environmental Fluid Mechanics

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