Janet CHUNDERDURI, South Africa, student in 2013-2014

The EFM program, which I attended in 2013-2014, opened my eyes to the wide and complex field that is Environmental Fluid Mechanics. It has equipped me with new skill sets and has broadened my area of expertise. The course was highly enjoyable and the lecturers were knowledgeable, passionate, approachable and always willing to help.
Grenoble is a beautiful vibrant city that was warm and welcoming to many students from abroad such as myself. There’s lots to do and explore and yet it still provides a tranquil environment for learning when required. My time there was filled with precious memories and I always felt right at home with the amazing people I had met.
Today I am employed as a Works Area Manager operating multiple wastewater treatments plants for the local government in South Africa. The EFM program has definitely contributed towards shaping me into the water sector professional I am today.

Durban, October 2016

Geoffrey BESSARDON, France, student in 2012-2013

I graduated from the master's EFM in July 2013, at this time the master's was a one year M2 program. I have been able during the first semester to approach the latest techniques available in Grenoble to tackle environmental science issues while building a solid theoretical background and practicing my scientific English. The strong theoretical knowledge that the course gave me has impressed the foreign labs I have been working with since I left Grenoble. For example, my data analysis skills have been vital during my second semester internship performed at Monash university in Australia, where my relationship with my supervisor there secured my choice that research was the way to go for the rest of my career.  During this internship I had also the opportunity  to be involved in the set-up of meteorological towers in the Australian desert, I think this sort of field trips is one of the main motivations that made me choose environmental science; there are less and less academic works where you can get on the turf to run your experiment. Following my graduation I worked a few months at Monash university and then took time for myself to travel. In November 2014 I eventually  started a  Ph.D. at the university of Leeds in a pan-European project called DACCIWA ( Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in West Africa) funded by the European union which aims to resolve current issues in climate and pollutions model over West-Africa due to a lack of data. Last summer I spent 2 months in Ghana managing ground measurement station at night and experimenting a new radiosonde system ; it was one of the hardest but also one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and I owe this great experiences to the master EFM. Being born and raised in Grenoble I may not the most objective person to underline how student life in Grenoble is great, I can just say that I cry every winter going to ski whenever I want over winter and hanging between lake and mountains during sunny days. I think Grenoble and the master EFM is the way to go if you enjoy mountains and want a kick start to an international research career in environmental science.

Leeds, October 2016

Amir ESTEGHAMATIAN, Iran, student in 2012-2013

"This is Amir Esteghamatian, a Ph. D. students in fluid mechanics waiting for the dissertation defense in a couple of months. Graduated from a 4-year bachelor program in Fluid Mechanics back in Iran, I pursued my master studies in UniversityJoseph Fourier, EFM program, in a city right on foot of Alps. I rapidly realized that EFM is a high-quality program designed by a group of renowned scientists in the community. The courses cover a variety of topics from environmental flows and oceanography, to renewable energies and atmospheric science. The program is well-disciplined and all courses are given in English, fulfilling international standards. This was a new program with a fairly small number of students which simply translates to several advantages as: (i) courses are dynamic and interactive with a project-based learning approach ; (ii) profs are easily accessible during office hours ; (iii) students are well-advised in finding their research internship and even the future career. That being said, it is a quite advanced program calling for grad students with a sound knowledge in fluid mechanics and mathematics. Grenoble is a vibrant student city which is an ideal place for any outdoor activity enthusiast. All in all, EFM was a remarkable episode in my academic life and personally, I can but recommend it."

Lyon, October 2016

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